I'm a developer & designer living in New York City.

My name is Paul Thibedeau

I’ve been building websites since I was a kid. I’m a team player and enjoy solving problems with smart, creative, and tech savvy people. I believe in developing solutions for cross-device platforms, from mobile to desktop.

  • HTML5
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • NPM / Bower / Yeoman
  • git / SVN
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Brower Optimization
  • Adobe Creative Suite CC

Pushing pixels since 2001...



My first interest was design, starting as far back as Photoshop 6. I have been doing professional freelance design since 2010. I focus on digital, but also have exprience in print design. My favorite Adobe program is Illustrator CC. The pen tool is my best friend. I currently am proficient in the Adobe Creative CC Suite. I also create rapid prototypes with HTML/CSS.



I have experience doing UI Development on large-scale web applications, some including Sitecore, Drupal, and Wordpress. I enjoy using cutting edge tools such as Compass, Grunt, and NPM to deliver production ready code. I write HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I enjoy Sublime Text 2 for my IDE. iTerm is my friend for a CLI. I prefer using GIT for version control.

Creative Thinker

Creative Thinker

I'm a graduate of Salem State University with a B.A in Art, Interactive Multimedia, and a minor in Communcations, Advertising. I am a visual learner, and try to think the same way. I'm always trying to push my creativity and usually have some sort of notepad close by to sketch or draw up new ideas. The different sides of my brain often clash, but coincide in the middle.

Although i'm primarily a developer, It's always been build off design. Here are some of my design projects. Click on an item to learn more …

The Beat Geeks
Los Palomas Front Label
Los Palomas Front Label
ADC Wireless
Dev Jock
Off The Boat Seafood
Off The Boat Seafood
Off The Boat Seafood


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